Lehman School

The first school building at Lehman was the old Ligon School building moved to Lehman from Ligon in 1925. The old Ligon school building was used for a year while the new $30,000 brick school building was constructed. The first teachers at Lehman were a Mr. Hood and Miss Bea Biffle. The newly constructed school building opened its doors to students in the fall of 1926.

In 1927 Lewis Owen was hired as principal, remaining in the position for several years. Mr. Owen lived in the school building and also served as the school custodian. Mr. Owen taught approximately eight students in the fifth through eighth grades.

Miss Alice Alverson was also hired in 1927 to teach the first four grades. Her largest class was the third grade, which consisted of six students. Some of Miss Alverson's students included the Jaggers and Knox children.

At one point the county health officer paid a visit to the Lehman School and discovered the floors had not been swept since the beginning of the 1927 school term. The health officer provided the school with a broom and the teachers swept the floors.

Source: Texas' Last Frontier: A New History of Cochran County by Elvis E. Fleming and David J. Murrah, 2001