Minnie Veal School

The Minnie Veal School building was built in 1922, approximately two miles northeast of present Morton and was named after the donor of the land. Morton J. Smith hired Miss Ila McCasland, who had recently moved to Cochran County with her parents, to serve as the teacher. Classes convened for the first time at the end of September 1922.

Among the firsts students were Lois and Eunice Spickard; Clint Shipman; Bessie, Don, and Ralph Yeary; Opal, Asa, Thurman, and Truman Smith; Marvin Bridges; and Jewell and Billy Jaggers.

Mrs. Veal purchased basketball equipment for the school and her brother, E. Dick Slaughter, donated $100 for the purchase of baseball, croquet, and other sports equipment.

On Sundays the building was used for Sunday school. Community dances were also held in the building to help raise money for a piano for the school.

Miss McCasland taught at Minnie Veal for two years and was followed by Miss Bea Biffle.

In 1925 Bull Camp, Minnie Veal and Morton schools consolidated, forming the Morton Independent School District.
Source: Texas' Last Frontier: A New History of Cochran County by Elvis E. Fleming and David J. Murrah, 2001

Minnie Veal School c. mid-1920's. Photograph taken on a special visitors day.
At the time the photo was taken, only six students were enrolled at the school.

Photograph courtesy Texas' Last Frontier Historical Museum