Whiteface School

On April 5, 1921, the Hockley County Commissioners Court created school Districts No. 3 and No. 5 in Cochran County. School District No. 5 would later become the Whiteface/Lehman School District.

A one-room school house was erected in 1925 by J. C. Whaley in Whiteface. This building was used for the school year beginning in September 1925. During that same year a $60,000 bond issue was voted on by the Whiteface-Lehman Common School District for the purpose of building a $30,000 brick school building in each community. The new buildings were operational by September 1926 and each had five classrooms and an auditorium.

J. W. Hood was hired on July 10, 1926 to head up the Whiteface School and given permission to move into the new building with heat, lights, and water furnished at no charge.

In 1928, the Lehman/Whiteface Schools were separated, and Whiteface became school District No. 8; both Lehman and Whiteface were common school districts. In 1929 Whiteface applied for, and was declared as a, 3rd class high school.

The Cobleland School officially consolidated with Whiteface on July 1, 1935, and the consolidation went into effect the Fall of 1935. That same year the Boydell Common School District #1 was annexed to Whiteface and on August 14, 1935 Whiteface Common School District No. 8 became Whiteface Independent School District. The Cobleland brick school building was moved to Whiteface to be used as an addition to existing Whiteface School building

On November 26, 1945, the school board met to open contracts for a new building program, which would include a cafeteria. The building contract was awarded to W. L. Scott. That same night school board president, H. D. "Preacher" Read was killed in a car accident in front of his home.

In 1948 the Lehman and Whiteface school districts consolidated and the first football stadium and school library were built. In 1949 Girlstown U.S.A. was established on the old Duggan Ranch headquarters, increasing the school's enrollment. That same year vocational agriculture was added to the curriculum.

1952 saw the completion of the new elementary school building and a gymnasium.

On June 18, 1962 the dual school system abolished and the board voted to proceed with integration plans immediately to prepare the school to accept African-American students in high school beginning in the Fall of 1962.

On April 17, 1970 a tornado tore through the city of Whiteface with the brunt of the storm hitting the high school auditorium, which at the time was packed with over 200 people who had gone to see the senior class play. There were several injured, including school superintendent R. K. McCoy. School was dismissed for one week while the community and volunteers worked to clean up the debris and ready the buildings for classes.

In August 1978 Pep and Whiteface independent school districts consolidated and the Whiteface Consolidated Independent School District was formed.

The old elementary school building was torn down in 1979 and new one, which included a cafeteria, was built.

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